Liget Center business centre was built between 1948 and 1950. The exquisite building comprises two main units of reinforced concrete frame and it was built in modern style based on the blueprints of Gádoros Lajos, Perényi Imre, Preisich Gábor and Szrogh György. At its completion it used to serve as the headquaters of Magyar Építőipari Munkások Országos Szövetsége (Hungarian National Federation of Construction Workers) therefore the architectural history literature calls the building as the headqauters of MÉMOSZ.

The structure consists of two major building components of which the main building fronts Dózsa György út and is determined by its collonade situated on the facade which gives it a clean overall image. The glass surfaces located behind the collonnade give the building an ethereal image.

The Auditorium (Congress Centre) is connected to the main building by a corridor link and faces the Városligeti fasor (alley). Its marvellous facade is garnished by the reliveo of Tar István. The features of its formation of mass are well characterised by the Y-shaped reinforced concrete elements.

An interesting fact about the history of the building is that is soon acquired the protection of history buildings. This honourable event reflects the significant part of the building in Hungarian architectural history. The literature of architectural history often characterises this building as the example to follow in the Hungarian modern functional architecture.


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